Huawei mate40 wireless charging: why can mobile phone wireless charging develop rapidly?

Huawei mate40 wireless charging manufacturers analysis Although electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets have brought great convenience to people, the accompanying charging problems have also brought troubles. A charging cable, charger and power bank of different models will not add weight to the package. If the wrong model is found again, it will fall into the embarrassing situation of "lost connection".

With the development of mobile phones, the charging methods of mobile phones are also constantly evolving. In the years when smartphones were just emerging, the charging of mobile phones was based on "universal charging". Now this little thing has disappeared in the long river of history, replaced by USB wired charging, which is also the more common charging method at present. We can call it the charging 2.0 era.

The 3.0 era of charging is the wireless charging that is just emerging today. Using Tesla's electromagnetic induction principle, the current is indirectly transferred to the battery through induction to complete the charging operation. Today, Huawei mate40 wireless charging manufacturers will talk about why mobile phone wireless charging can develop rapidly.

First, the giants added wireless charging

Huawei mate40 wireless charging

Second, the 5G era is coming

The second is driven by the upcoming 5G network. 5G mobile phones have added a large number of radio frequency modules. As mobile phones become thinner and lighter, the existing space utilization has reached its limit, and it is impossible to leave extra space for the battery. We can see that Apple has taken the lead in eliminating the headphone jack, which is not only for individuality and fashion, but also an important attempt to make way for new modules for 5G mobile phones. Within the framework of 5G technology, promoting the popularization of wireless charging technology for mobile phones is a process of mutual compromise.

Third, mobile phone hardware is rapidly improving

Moreover, the lack of breakthroughs in battery technology has forced further development of wireless charging technology. The improvement of mobile phone hardware performance can bring us a better experience, and even some places have surpassed the impact of smart terminals such as computers. However, with the rapid improvement of mobile phone hardware, the power consumption is becoming more and more fierce, and mobile phone battery technology seems to be unable to keep up with the rapid development of hardware. As a portable phone, running out of battery is like a brick. At present, how to improve the charging experience has become a top priority, which is also the original driving force for the rapid rise of wireless charging.

Fourth, market demand Of course, what is important is the experience demands of consumers. Although some people think wireless charging is "cool, but not practical." From most user experiences, however, wireless charging is not only fun, but practical. Whenever you use your phone, just put it on the charging tray and charge it. Compared with wireless charging, finding a USB charging port on a messy table, plugging it in at the USB port, and putting down the phone is as complicated as practicing Qigong.

Finally, Huawei mate40 wireless charging manufacturers summarize:

Wireless charging has experienced explosive growth, and now is the golden development period of wireless charging. As users get used to wireless charging technology, wireless charging will become a necessity for mobile phones such as WiFi , which will completely change the charging needs of users.