How is the intelligent wireless charger scheme developed

The intelligent wireless charger scheme has the functions of automatic induction charging and intelligent power-off after full charging. It is not only suitable for electronic products with various charging voltages and capacities, but also can charge multiple different electronic products at the same time. The work adopts the design idea of intelligent wireless charging, which has the advantages of convenient use and wide application, and has high promotion and application value. Then, let's learn how to develop the scheme of intelligent wireless charger!
Introduction to intelligent wireless charger scheme
With the rapid development of electronic technology, the number of global mobile phone users has reached 3.3 billion. With MP3, MP4 and other peripheral electronic products, less than two people have mobile phone electronic products that need to be charged on average. At present, cable connection charging is widely used. The cable interface of this charging mode will usually have poor contact and other phenomena after long-term use. Moreover, a charger is not widely applicable, and different chargers need to be used according to the types of electronic products. It is very troublesome to find a suitable interface and wiring when charging. Charging all kinds of portable electronic products is an annoying trouble. In order to improve the above phenomenon, it is necessary to develop intelligent wireless charger.
Working principle of intelligent charger
The intelligent charger uses the principle of electromagnetic induction. In the non-contact charging system, it uses wireless transmission mode to charge, rather than wire (charging line) to transmit power. There is no physical interface for charging. Compared with general chargers, it avoids the trouble of inserting wires and pulling out batteries, and has the working principle of general chargers; The work adopts the design idea of one (charger) to many (inductive load) charging and intelligent charging; After the wireless charger charges the load, the indicator light will change from green light to seven color light, and the mobile phone can correctly display the charging state to intelligently complete the charging process. The experimental product is mobile phone.
Advantages of Smart Wireless charger scheme:
1) Low cost
The circuit is composed of a pulse generation unit, a power amplification unit, a filter unit, a comparison unit and a transmitting and receiving unit. Each unit is composed of several small components, which is simple to make.
2) One to many charging
One charger can charge multiple loads. Each household can use one charger for the whole family. With the increase of load, the work efficiency will be improved, which can not only save electricity but also reduce unnecessary costs.
3) Convenient
Compared with ordinary chargers, it not only reduces the trouble of plugging in and out, but also avoids the phenomena of inappropriate connector and poor contact. The elderly can also use it easily.
4) Intellectualization
The intelligent wireless charger scheme can automatically conduct inductive charging as long as the inductive load is placed on the charger. Through information feedback, after the inductive load is fully charged, it can automatically turn off the power supply to realize the intelligence of the charging process.
The smart wireless charger scheme will greatly improve our life. With the popularity of wireless charging technology, people can charge all devices with one charger. Moreover, with the popularization of this technology, wireless charging transmitters can be easily found in all places where we live, live and work. Charging transmitters can also be installed in cars, planes, hotels and offices. This means that people can charge their appliances anytime, anywhere without carrying wires.
The above is how to develop the intelligent wireless charger scheme. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us!