Company introduction

Founded in 2012, Belland is a national high-paying technology enterprise with a registered capital of 6 million. It has been immersed in wireless charging for 10 years. Belland has developed WPC QI certified cost-effective wireless charging solutions such as D9612/D9622/D9200/D9100, which have been widely used. It is used in many fields such as mobile phones, communications, medical smart homes, smart wearable digital products, toys, automotive electronics, home offices, airports, and wireless charging platforms for restaurants and catering establishments. Bayland is professional because of its focus!



◎ strategic thinking

Focusing on improving the value creativity and development of the enterprise and taking "safety, stability, efficiency and development" as the theme, improve standards, strengthen responsibility, innovative thinking, lean management and control, and pursue the harmonious unity of enterprise economic benefits, social benefits and employee development.


◎ strategic positioning

Expand and strengthen consumer electronics dominated by wireless charging, actively expand the external market, deeply tap the potential, make efficient use of existing resources, enhance the competitive strength of enterprises, and lay the foundation for sustainable development.


◎ strategic objectives

Build the company into an enterprise of "intrinsic safety, quality and efficiency, scientific and technological innovation, resource conservation and harmonious development".


◎ our team

Integrity is the most important character, integrity is the foundation, open and aboveboard, a promise of thousands of dollars and a voice on the ground!
The customer is like the mother, serve attentively, think in a transposition, and the customer experience is the first of all!
Execute data speaking, result oriented, pay attention to details, communicate effectively and pursue efficiency!
Innovate, break constraints, give full play to potential, dare to try, and constantly pursue value creation!


◎ enterprise style

Rigorous, pragmatic and efficient refinement

Company introduction


◎ business philosophy

Customer centered, pragmatic and win-win cooperation


◎ enterprise mission

·Create value for customers
·Create benefits for society
·Promote the development and progress of wireless charging industry