Uncover wireless charging, a collection of four wireless charging MCU schemes

Wireless charging technology comes from wireless energy transmission technology. Wireless charging has been on the market for a long time and is more and more widely used. In particular, the mobile phone battery arranges four wireless charging MCU schemes in the circuit. Engineers who want to try the wireless charging single chip microcomputer scheme can try it.
1. STM32 single chip microcomputer design wireless charger wireless network mobile phone battery charging lithium battery cell 117 - (schematic diagram of single chip microcomputer design plan of wireless charging scheme)
The system is composed of stm32f103c8t6 single chip microcomputer design leading board, lcd1602lcd display, lithium battery charger test, wireless network charging module, lithium battery charger support tp4056 and propeller regulator.
1. At the same time when the wireless charger sends power to the lithium battery cell, detect whether there is a lithium battery charger.
2. The lithium battery cell sends power to all MCU design systems and computer display screens through the boost module.
3. Display the accumulated time of power storage: when the power storage recording time is reached, the system will automatically suspend the recording time if it is not reached, and the time of recording time file format is / min / S / 0.2 seconds.
4. The LCD shows whether it is in power storage mode.
The wireless charger assembly can be divided into two parts, one part of which receives 12V host power export test, and the other part of which receives 5V test export, which is a lithium battery charger.
2. Join - intelligent car charging system. In view of the design idea of wireless charging scheme package, share the source code of intelligent remote control for free!
The purpose of this system is to supply dock power storage function for Bluetooth connected intelligent remote control and intelligent driving. The chassis uses 12V DC switching power supply, and the car uses 12v7ah storage battery for power transmission. The IDT power storage board is installed and used in the front part of the car. When the car is biased towards the charging pile, the IDT power storage board touches the IDT chassis, and the chassis stores 12V current and voltage to the battery through the inductive coil. When charging, the power system of the vehicle circuit board connected to the 12V battery is disconnected to prevent accidents.
3. Wireless charging_ RX receiver_ 5W_ HL6111_  WPC1. 2.4 wireless charging receiver supported by the protocol - ad version
Wireless charging is WPC and air_ The two joint camps of fuel, wireless charging receiving chip hl6111r, provide support for WPC and air_ Full compatibility and automatic sensing of fuel mode, supporting up to 20 watts of output power.
-5W single chip supports wpc1 2.4 protocol wireless charging receiver 3360
-The integral step-down regulator has good variable step size and efficient bypass mode.
range 13360 4.940-10.040v in 20mv steps
range 23360 7.410-15.060v in 30mv steps
-Ultra low atmospheric current 3360 7 A
-Vrect working voltage 4-22v, maximum 28V
-Integrate more effective step-down power lines and bypass mode
4. STM32 MCU wireless Bluetooth app remote control smart car lithium battery charging 112 - (PCB source circuit diagram paper) product function description:
The system consists of stm32f103c8t6 MCU core board, Bluetooth module, motor drive, pressurization module, lithium battery charging module and battery box power supply.
After installing the application on the mobile phone, you can control the stop, forward, backward, left turn, right turn, acceleration, deceleration, left turn, right turn, left reverse and right reverse of the smart car through the mobile phone application.