Car wireless charging solution: can car wireless charging completely get rid of wired trouble?

Car wireless charging solution providers found that with the increasing frequency of mobile phone use, the convenience of mobile phone charging began to gradually affect the user experience. As a result, the emergence of fast charging technology has greatly shortened the charging time of mobile phones. Even so, in the process of mobile phone charging, the charging line still limits the convenience of using mobile phones. Therefore, mobile phone wireless charging technology has rapidly spread to all corners of our lives. Automobile wireless charger also came into being. The original intention of car wireless charging is to increase driving safety and improve use convenience. In this issue, we will study it carefully.
First, the car wireless charging solution is not a new technology. As early as 1890, physicist Nicholas Tesla had successfully completed the experiment of radio energy transmission. Most of our mobile phone wireless charging uses electromagnetic induction. The basic principle is the same as that of the transformer, which is the "electricity generates magnetism and magnetism generates electricity" we learned in the physics class of junior middle school.


The realization of the whole process is also relatively easy. Usually, a coil is installed inside the wireless charging board. The coil is energized to generate a magnetic field, which is captured by the coil in the mobile phone, and then converts the magnetic field into current to charge the mobile phone. The essence of this technology is to use magnetic field to transfer energy and avoid the exposure of conductive contacts between charger and mobile phone.
It should be noted that most new energy vehicles supporting automotive wireless charging solutions do not use electromagnetic induction charging, but use resonant wireless charging, that is, electromagnetic resonance. Electromagnetic resonance technology is mainly to make the transmitting and receiving devices produce electromagnetic resonance and realize the electric energy transmission without radiating magnetic field. The magnetic field radiation charged in this way is weak and the transmission power is high.
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