Wireless car charging solution: what is wireless car charging technology

 Providers of wireless charging solutions for automobiles have found that in recent years, the frequency of mobile phone use in people's daily life has gradually increased, and the power consumption of mobile phones has gradually accelerated, especially in daily life. The more we rely on our phone for its capabilities, the faster it drains its battery. Therefore, more and more people will not let go of every place where they can charge their mobile phones, and being able to charge mobile phones in the car is undoubtedly a very good choice. Automotive wireless charging solutions solve this problem.

Automotive Wireless Charging Solutions

  The car wireless charging solution is that the traditional in-car charging method by using a car charger with a charging cable is not a very convenient and safe way. People need to unplug the cable when answering the phone. When driving, because the attention is occupied, if the cable is inserted into the charging hole, it is actually an operation with potential safety hazards, and the cumbersome and tangled charging also brings a very poor experience to the car owner. In addition, the instability of the cigarette lighter voltage will also cause certain damage to the mobile phone. In-vehicle wireless charging solves this problem.

  The car wireless charging solution is the application of mobile phone wireless charging technology in the car. This technology provides a comfortable and convenient experience for charging mobile phones in the in-vehicle charging area. It also solves the problem of traditional charging methods. It is convenient, and there are many troubles such as forgetting to bring the charging cable.

  If the car is equipped with a wireless charging launch board (or built in the center console), the user can put the mobile phone into the charging area to start charging, without further operations, just pick up the mobile phone and need to answer the call, and the charging process is interrupted. When you're done using your phone, put it back in the charging area to start the charging process all over again. The mobile phone battery is invisible and fully charged, which is safe and convenient. In addition to the in-vehicle wireless charging module of sensor technology, in addition to integrating sensor technology IPS technology, it can also integrate various modules to provide various in-vehicle intelligence and value-added services.