Wireless charging IC: principle of wireless charging

Wireless charging IC manufacturers recommend the principle of wireless charging :

electromagnetic induction

The alternating current of a certain frequency in the primary coil generates a certain current in the secondary coil through electromagnetic induction, thereby transferring energy from the transmitting end to the receiving end. At present, the more common charging solutions use electromagnetic induction. In fact, there is not much mystery in the technical realization of electromagnetic induction solutions. BYD applied for a patent for non-contact inductive chargers in December 2005 . Electromagnetic induction technology.

wireless charging ic

Magnetic resonance

It consists of an energy transmitting device and an energy receiving device. When the two devices are adjusted to the same frequency, or resonate at a specific frequency, they can exchange energy with each other. It is a technology currently being studied .

radio wave

This is a relatively mature technology, similar to the ore radio used in the early days. It is mainly composed of a microwave transmitting device and a microwave receiving device. It can capture the radio wave energy bounced off the wall and maintain a stable DC while adjusting with the load. Voltage. This method requires only a transmitter mounted on a wall plug and a " mosquito " receiver that can be mounted on any low voltage product.

Wireless charging technology does sound futuristic, after all, everything is going wireless these days. Although wireless charging is in line with the current technology development trend, a major factor limiting its popularity in the market is the low charging efficiency.

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