Automotive wireless charging solution: main methods of automotive wireless charging technology

Car wireless charging solutions: main methods of car wireless charging technology

  Electromagnetic coupling

  Power engineers are no longer familiar with electromagnetic coupling. Transformers use this principle to transfer energy. If the two windings of the transformer are separated, it is wireless in a sense. The charging of electric toothbrushes is a typical case, but the electromagnetic coupling method has great shortcomings. If there is no magnetic core with high magnetic permeability as the medium, the magnetic field lines will seriously diverge into the air, resulting in a decrease in the transmission efficiency, especially when the two coils are far apart. Therefore, it is not suitable for high-power, long-distance wireless power supply.

Automotive Wireless Charging Solutions


  Car wireless charging solution providers share the conversion of electrical energy into light energy, such as lasers, that transmit the energy to the destination through light, and then convert it into electrical energy. This wireless power supply technology is relatively intuitive, and the photoelectric conversion technology is widely used. However, the transmission path of light has a drawback, that is, there must be no obstacles on the transmission path. Therefore, this technology also has great application defects.

  Electromagnetic resonance

  The term electromagnetic resonance analysis is a bit foreign to automotive wireless charging solutions. The principle is said to be similar to acoustic resonance. Both media have the same resonant frequency and can be used to transfer energy.  WiTricity 's technology uses this principle. They call it nonradiative electromagnetic resonance. Of course, that probably doesn't mean the technology doesn't radiate, but it does differ considerably from our usual concept of electromagnetic radiation.

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