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China will accelerate the promotion of wireless charging technology
It was learned from the 2014 China International Information Consumption Expo that the wireless charging technology developed by WPC (Wireless Charging Alliance) will accelerate the pace of promotion. According to reports, at present, WPC has been testing the wireless charging technology into public areas such as cafes. The first wireless charging cafe will open in Beijing in July this year. It is understood that WPC (Wireless Charging Alliance) is currently the world's most widely used and most productized wireless charging technology standards organization. Technically, the development direction of WPC is the coexistence of induction and resonant power supply. Wireless charging technology has become an important benefit for brand manufacturers to create product differences.
London will try wireless charging bus next year
London's sophisticated and complex public transport network is second to none in the world. However, due to insufficient charging equipment, even a new hybrid bus with hybrid power will inevitably cause damage to the environment. According to reports, the London Transport Authority (TFL) is working hard to improve this situation - to build a new station charging facility, and is expected to begin testing of new wireless charging bus stations on the streets of London next year. Although public transportation in London is still advancing towards high-tech roads, at present, buses and trains here do not make the ultimate in environmental protection. London Transport has deployed 800 hybrid buses and a small amount

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       Founded in 2012, the company focuses on the development and sales of fully synchronous digital demodulation wireless charging ICs, bringing high-quality and convenient sensing experience to wireless charging products such as mobile devices and consumer electronics. The company has sufficient technology research and development and quality control capabilities. 

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