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Charge head network engineer trial: Bayland 10W high integrated wireless charging Tx solution (100 sets)

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Charge head network engineer trial: Bayland 10W high integrated wireless charging Tx solution (100 sets)
        "Engineer Trial" is the latest product experience column of the charging head network. This column allows engineers to experience the latest products, solutions and equipment on the market. Through this column, manufacturers can let their own star products know more about engineers. At present, the charging head network platform covers tens of thousands of engineers and industry employees in the upstream and downstream industrial chain of consumer power. With this platform, more new products and good products are familiar to engineers, creating a convenient communication window for manufacturers and engineers.
        The product in this trial is the latest 10W wireless charging Tx solution D9100 from Beland. This PCBA solution uses the combination of the main control chip D9100 and the full bridge chip D9015. It supports 10W/7.5W wireless fast charging, high integration, BOM. Low cost and high system efficiency. The compact size of the PCBA meets the demanding requirements of the customer's product.
Manufacturer Name: Shenzhen Beiland Technology Co., Ltd.
Model: 10W wireless charging Tx solution D9100 (PCBA)
Product Price: Inquiry
Number of trials: 100 sets, 1 set per package
Registration notice: After the user submits the application for registration, the small editor will review whether it has passed and then issue the trial items. This event is only for charging head network engineers.
Registration entry: Click here
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This is the physical, functional, and electrical characteristics of a 10W digital demodulation wireless fast-charge transmitter with QC2.0/QC3.0 identification, compatibility with the WPC-Qi V1.2.4 standard, and support for two-way transmit-to-receive Communication, support iPhone 7.5W charging. Operating frequency 110KHz-205KHz.
Datasheet specification download address:
Bayland 10W wireless charging Tx program D9100
The D9100 is a 10W chip that supports 10W/7.5W; the PowerStage is upgraded to D9015; the ultimate cost and BOM size.
Features include: 1, the ultimate BOM cost; 2, the output power is up to 10W; 3, up to 84% system efficiency; 4, as low as 50mW standby power; 5, system withstand voltage 19V.
Highly integrated PCBA close-up (D9100 with full bridge chip D9015)
If you are interested in this program, please sign up for a free trial or get in touch with the original Belland factory.
        Founded in 2012, Shenzhen Beland Technology Co., Ltd. is the first company in China to focus on the development of wireless charging solutions. As the industry's first R&D design and application wireless charging solution provider, the core team comes from Freescale, Texas Instruments, IDT, Internationally renowned semiconductor solutions companies such as Samsung Electronics have a strong technical background in the wireless charging industry. Belland has strong R&D capabilities and responds quickly to customers' needs, providing customers with high quality and stable wireless charging solutions.
        Bayland specializes in providing wireless charging chip solutions with a full range of integrated synchronous digital demodulation 20W/15W/10W/7.5W/5W EPP/BPP support features.
        Belgrade's WPC QI certification cost-effective D9605/D9100/D9600/D9103/D8105 wireless charging solution chips have been widely used in mobile phones, communications, medical, smart home, smart wear, digital products, toys, automotive electronics , home office, airport and catering company wireless charging platform and many other fields, wonderful with the "core" desire, no "line" wisdom life!