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BEILAND integrated PD protocol wireless charging TX chip

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Bayland integrated PD protocol wireless charging TX chip
        The PD protocol is one of the current fast charging protocols. It can freely change the direction of power transmission. It covers high voltage, low current and low voltage and high current modes, which can better serve the equipment compatibility. There are a lot of fast charging protocols on the market, but they often need special chargers. USB-PD is compatible with other fast charging standards. PD fast charging is based on Type-C fast charging technology, while Apple's charging port is Lightning. Interface, D9620-PD protocol wireless charging TX solution is a good solution to the compatibility of Type-C interface and Lightning interface. The PD fast charge protocol represents the future charging standard. It is the general trend. The PD fast charge wireless charging TX solution that unifies all low-power electronic device charging problems has emerged, which makes our charging more convenient in the future.
D9620: PD10W
1, integrated PD3.0 (PPS) / QC3.0 / AFC fast charge agreement, support Apple / Samsung full range of PD / QC fast charge;
2, adaptive input voltage, do not pick the adapter
3, integrated 100MHz main frequency 32bit ARM processor, PWM frequency up to 200MHz, the industry's top processor
4, rich memory and pin resources to meet a variety of customized needs
5, support USB online update Firmware, no special burner
6, multi-channel full synchronous digital demodulation, unique Wave-Monitor technology to ensure communication reliability
7, support MP-A11/MP-A2/A28/A11 and other WPC standard Type architecture
Sample DEMO
        Founded in 2012, Berland focuses on the development and sales of fully synchronous digital demodulation wireless charging ICs, bringing high-quality and convenient sensing experience to wireless charging products such as mobile devices and consumer electronics. The company has sufficient technology research and development and quality. Control capability, core R&D team from TI, NXP, ST R & D elite, in the wireless charging system architecture, integrated circuit design, digital-analog hybrid circuit design, algorithm development and other fields have more than 10 years of design and development experience.
        The D9620/D9605/D9600/D9103/D9100/D8105 series wireless charging and transmitting solution IC developed by Belland and the D9009/D9005/D9015/D9012 high-integration full-bridge series IC have been widely used in mobile phones, medical, office, and intelligent. Home, digital products, car wireless charging and many other fields, the PD15W fully synchronous digital demodulation developed in 2018 integrated with the USD-PD protocol wireless charging chip, has been introduced to the market in batches in 19 years to solve the customer compatible PD and QC protocol at the same time Compatible wireless charging requirements, this wireless charging technology is at the international advanced level in the field of wireless charging.