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Bayland launches low-cost ST three-coil wireless charger solution

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Belandhasbeendevelopinganddesigningawirelesschargersolutionin2011.Astheindustry'sfirstR&Ddesignandapplicationwirelesschargingsolutionprovider,ithassuccessfullydevelopedvariouswirelesschargingsolutionsforvariousindustriesformanyyears,appliedtocar,walletandmobile.Power,automotiveelectronics,desklamps,smartwear,e-cigarettes,furniture,Bluetoothspeakersandmedicalfields.   Thecompanyisnowlaunchingalow-costthree-coilwirelesschargersolution,welcomenewandoldcustomerstotakesamples!!
Beland has been developing and designing a wireless charger solution in 2011. As the industry's first R&D design and application wireless charging solution provider, it has successfully developed various wireless charging solutions for various industries for many years, applied to car, wallet and mobile. Power, automotive electronics, desk lamps, smart wear, e-cigarettes, furniture, Bluetooth speakers and medical fields.
    The company is now launching a low-cost three-coil wireless charger solution, welcome new and old customers to take samples! !