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Use the wireless charger correctly

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Toachievewirelesschargingofmobilephonesandotherproducts,theremustbetwoparts:thetransmitter,whichisconnectedtothepowersourceandisresponsiblefortransmittingpowertothewidespace;thereceiverisgenerallyinstalledontheelectronicproducttoreceivethepower.Atpresent,wirelesschargingtechnologyhasbeguntobeusedinmobilephoneproducts.TakingtheiPhoneasanexample,wirelesschargingmanufacturershavemodifiedittoinstallasimilar"appleskin"toenableittohavewirelesschargingfunction."clothes". Asawirelesschargingreceiver,itiscurrentlyintheformofaddingamobilephonechargingcase,butrelatedretrofitproductswillbeavailableinChinathisyear.Currentlyknownasthe"QiDoor",thiscasesupportsiPhoneandBlackBerry,anduserscanexperiencethisfunctionwithoutchangingthephone.Attheendofthisyearorearlynextyear,wirelesschargingreceiverswillbefully"slimmed"andbecomeawirelesschargingreceiverchipbuiltintomobilephones,onlyaslargeasafingernail. Ifyouwanttouseyourwirelesschargingtechnologytochargeyourphone,thenyourphonemusthavewirelesschargingandawirelesschargingpad. Thefollowingphonessupportwirelesscharging: GoogleNexus4,5 HTCDroidDNA,HTC8X SHARPSH-13C NokiaLumia920andLumia820, AppleiPhone5,youneedtoaddashellreceiver.AwirelesscharginginterfaceisreservedfortheSamsungS3\S4\note2\note3mobilephone.Twocontactscanbechargedbyaddingone.   TheabovephonesallsupportQIwirelesschargingtechnology,youcanuseQI'swirelesschargingboardtowirelesslychargethem.Whenyouwanttobuyastatewirelesschargerforyourmobilephone,youmustfirstunderstandwhetherthemobilephonesupportswirelesscharging.Function,orhowtoaddwirelesschargingtothereceiver,sothatyoucanchooseacorrectwirelesscharger,trulyenjoytheconvenienceandfunofwirelesschargingtechnology.
To achieve wireless charging of mobile phones and other products, there must be two parts: the transmitter, which is connected to the power source and is responsible for transmitting power to the wide space; the receiver is generally installed on the electronic product to receive the power. At present, wireless charging technology has begun to be used in mobile phone products. Taking the iPhone as an example, wireless charging manufacturers have modified it to install a similar "apple skin" to enable it to have wireless charging function. "clothes".
As a wireless charging receiver, it is currently in the form of adding a mobile phone charging case, but related retrofit products will be available in China this year. Currently known as the "Qi Door", this case supports iPhone and BlackBerry, and users can experience this function without changing the phone. At the end of this year or early next year, wireless charging receivers will be fully "slimmed" and become a wireless charging receiver chip built into mobile phones, only as large as a fingernail.
If you want to use your wireless charging technology to charge your phone, then your phone must have wireless charging and a wireless charging pad.
The following phones support wireless charging:
Google Nexus 4,5
Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820,
Apple iPhone 5, you need to add a shell receiver. A wireless charging interface is reserved for the Samsung S3\S4\note2\note3 mobile phone. Two contacts can be charged by adding one.
The above phones all support QI wireless charging technology, you can use QI's wireless charging board to wirelessly charge them. When you want to buy a state wireless charger for your mobile phone, you must first understand whether the mobile phone supports wireless charging. Function, or how to add wireless charging to the receiver, so that you can choose a correct wireless charger, truly enjoy the convenience and fun of wireless charging technology.