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Apple Wireless Charger PCBA

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iBeaconislaunchedbyAppleinrecentyears.Itismainlyequippedwithlow-powerBluetooth(BLE)communicationequipment.ItusesBLEtechnologytosenditsownuniqueIDtothesurrounding.TheapplicationthatreceivestheIDwilltakefurtherstepsaccordingtotheID.BysettinguptheiBeaconcommunicationmoduleinthestore,iPhoneandiPaduserscangetmoreinformationaboutthemerchant,ortheycanuseiBeacontosendinformationtotheapplicationwhentheappliancefailsorstopsworking. Atthesametime,withtheriseofwearabledevices,especiallyafterthelaunchofproductswithwirelesschargingfunctionbyfamoushardwaremanufacturerssuchasMOTOandApple,thewirelesschargingfunctionhasexceededtheexpecteddevelopment,anditsapplicationstatusandprospectsaredevelopingrapidly.shape. Inordertobringmoreintimateservicesandunprecedentedexperiencetousers,moreandmoremainstreambusinesseshavelaunchedwirelesschargerswithiBeaconfunction,whichisconvenientformerchantinformationpushandchargingforwearabledevices.Dividedintotheapplicationmarket.Basedontheneedsofthismarket,DaLianDaPinJiahaslaunchedtheGPMQ8005BbasedonGeneralplus(Technology)basedonitsrichexperienceinmanysolutionssuchassmartphones,smartwatches,smarthomesandsmartbracelets.Wearablewirelesschargingsolution.AppleWirelessChargerPCBA •UseGPMQ8005BastheTXterminalmaster,mainlyforpowersupplyanddatatransmissionmanagement •ACinvertersareimplementedusinghigh-performanceN-channelMOSFETdevices •RXendusesGeneralplusGPMQ8101A(recommendedmodelforthissolution) •SupportBT4.0,hardwarealreadysupportsBT4.2 •SupportforiBeacon(foriOS)andsupportforBeaconthings(forAndroid)
iBeacon is launched by Apple in recent years. It is mainly equipped with low-power Bluetooth (BLE) communication equipment. It uses BLE technology to send its own unique ID to the surrounding. The application that receives the ID will take further steps according to the ID. By setting up the iBeacon communication module in the store, iPhone and iPad users can get more information about the merchant, or they can use iBeacon to send information to the application when the appliance fails or stops working.
At the same time, with the rise of wearable devices, especially after the launch of products with wireless charging function by famous hardware manufacturers such as MOTO and Apple, the wireless charging function has exceeded the expected development, and its application status and prospects are developing rapidly. shape.
In order to bring more intimate services and unprecedented experience to users, more and more mainstream businesses have launched wireless chargers with iBeacon function, which is convenient for merchant information push and charging for wearable devices. Divided into the application market. Based on the needs of this market, Da Lian Da Pin Jia has launched the GPMQ8005B based on Generalplus (Technology) based on its rich experience in many solutions such as smart phones, smart watches, smart homes and smart bracelets. Wearable wireless charging solution. Apple Wireless Charger PCBA
• Use GPMQ8005B as the TX terminal master, mainly for power supply and data transmission management
• AC inverters are implemented using high-performance N-channel MOSFET devices
• RX end uses Generalplus GPMQ8101A (recommended model for this solution)
• Support BT4.0, hardware already supports BT4.2
• Support for iBeacon (for iOS) and support for Beaconthings (for Android)