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The development prospects of wireless chargers

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Accordingtoforeignmediareports,theglobalwirelesschargingmarketisexpectedtoreach$7.16billionin2017,afigureof$458.86millionin2011.From2012to2017,thecompoundannualgrowthrateofthismarketisexpectedtobe57.46%.Japanleadsthewirelesschargingmarket.TheNorthAmericanmarketisexpectedtotakeseveralyearstogrowasitisslowlyacceptingtheconceptofwirelesscharging.Consumersarestilllearningthisconceptandwilltakesometimetoacceptthisnewtechnology.Anyelectronicdevicecanbechargedwithouttheuseofcablesandwires,iewirelesscharging.Wirelesschargingtechnologyiscurrentlyinthedevelopmentstage,andconsumersneedtounderstandtheadvantagesofthistechnology.Wirelesschargingproductsbegantobecommerciallyavailablein2010andhavegainedmomentumin2012.  Asthisisanewtechnology,consumersaretryingtocomparetraditionalwiredchargersandUSBchargingwithwirelesscharging.Thismarketisstillinitsinfancyandthereareplentyofopportunities.Wirelesschargingisusedinbothindustrialandconsumerelectronicsindustries.Mostoftheseapplicationsareinthedevelopmentstageandhavegreatpotentialinthenearfuture.

 According to foreign media reports, the global wireless charging market is expected to reach $7.16 billion in 2017, a figure of $458.86 million in 2011. From 2012 to 2017, the compound annual growth rate of this market is expected to be 57.46%. Japan leads the wireless charging market. The North American market is expected to take several years to grow as it is slowly accepting the concept of wireless charging. Consumers are still learning this concept and will take some time to accept this new technology. Any electronic device can be charged without the use of cables and wires, ie wireless charging. Wireless charging technology is currently in the development stage, and consumers need to understand the advantages of this technology. Wireless charging products began to be commercially available in 2010 and have gained momentum in 2012.

  As this is a new technology, consumers are trying to compare traditional wired chargers and USB charging with wireless charging. This market is still in its infancy and there are plenty of opportunities. Wireless charging is used in both industrial and consumer electronics industries. Most of these applications are in the development stage and have great potential in the near future.