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New technology: charging mobile phones with radio waves

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July29thnews,mobilephonewirelesschargingisnothingnew,thecurrentwirelesschargingistochargethephonethroughthephoneonthewirelesschargingboard,manypeoplesaythatthisisnotreallywireless,thetechnologycompanyRadientMicro-TechrecentlySaidthattheirtechnologyallowsthephonetogetenergyfromunwantedradiowavesforcharging. RadientMicro-Techrecentlywontworelatedtechnologypatents.Accordingtotheintroduction,thecompany'spatentallowsmobilephonestoreceiveradiowavesthroughtheantenna.Radientsaidthatitstechnologycanextendthephone'sbatterylifebyupto30%,whichisenoughforone.Itisusedfrequentlythroughouttheday. ItisreportedthatRadientplanstolicenseitstechnologytohardwaremanufacturers.IfRadient'stechnologyisasdescribedbythem,theimprovementofmobilephonechargingandbatterylifewillbeverystrong.
July 29th news, mobile phone wireless charging is nothing new, the current wireless charging is to charge the phone through the phone on the wireless charging board, many people say that this is not really wireless, the technology company Radient Micro-Tech recently Said that their technology allows the phone to get energy from unwanted radio waves for charging.
Radient Micro-Tech recently won two related technology patents. According to the introduction, the company's patent allows mobile phones to receive radio waves through the antenna. Radient said that its technology can extend the phone's battery life by up to 30%, which is enough for one. It is used frequently throughout the day.
It is reported that Radient plans to license its technology to hardware manufacturers. If Radient's technology is as described by them, the improvement of mobile phone charging and battery life will be very strong.