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Three-mode double fast charge: Momiss MOMAX Q.Pad DUAL energy 5 dual wireless fast charge charger (UD10) dismantling

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2019/08/30 16:05:44
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Hong Kong brand MOMAX recently launched a dual wireless fast charging product that supports simultaneous charging of two mobile phones: Momiss MOMAX Q.Pad DUAL 5 dual wireless fast charging charger. It has three modes of dual fast charge, that is, equipped with 5W, 7.5W, 10W three modes, support Apple 7.5W and Android 10W wireless fast charge, and can charge two mobile phones at the same time. Single-device wireless fast-charge chargers are not unusual, but MOMAX and other dual-fast charge products are still relatively rare in the market. Next, the charging head network brings you the unpacking and disassembly of this product.
1, Momiss MOMAX Q.Pad DUAL vitality 5 dual wireless fast charge charger out of the box
The logo marked "Hong Kong brand, original licensed" confirms the identity of the MOMAX Hong Kong brand. The outer packaging is very simple, the right side is the front of the product, the left side shows the main characteristics of the product parameters: compatible with Qi standard specifications, security protection, up to 10W x 2 wireless fast charge, support two devices at the same time charging. Packing tips If you need to improve wireless charging performance, you need to use the QC3.0 adapter, which means that you can achieve wireless fast charging first.
The back of the package is detailed parameters, product model UD10, the English name of the product is Q.Pad Dual Wireless Charger, Chinese name is Q.Pad DUAL energy 5 dual wireless fast charge charger.
The body is very slim, only 8mm ultra-thin thickness.
In addition to the wireless charger and manual, the package also comes with a 1m long USB-A to USB-C data cable.
The line body is white and the interface has the MOMAX logo.
The body is made of PC material, and the design style is simple. The front two X-marked coil centers are clearly visible at the time of wireless charging.
The middle position is marked with the main specifications:
Input: 5V3A, 9V2A;
Outputs 1 and 2 are: 5V1A, 9V1A (maximum 10W).
The side is a piece of imitation metal strip with MOMAX logo printed on it, hidden underneath, and the light transmission logo will light up during work. One device is charged, the indicator light is on, the two devices are charged, and the brightness of the indicator light is enhanced.
The logo is very cleverly decorated with the Type-C input, which is well designed and integrated.
The back of the back is a wide pad that prevents slippage.
2, Momiss MOMAX Q.Pad DUAL vitality 5 dual wireless fast charge charger dismantling
Lift the rubber pad and unscrew the screw for disassembly.
Two internal coils can charge both devices at the same time.
There are LED lights under the light-transparent LOGO.
The charging head network Xiaobian found that the front is two independent wireless charging circuits.
Below the black tape on the back is an LED light, which acts as a blackout.
On both sides are two independent wireless charging designs.
Enter Type-C port to magnetize.
Combination of NPO and X7R capacitors: one NPO, three X7R.
Input current limiting protection chip, two independent.
YJ33, Shengbangwei SGM2019 3.3V regulator IC. There is also a micro-alliance regulator, two-stage voltage regulator to improve the withstand voltage.
St. Bonwe SGM2019 Details, as above, it is a low power, low noise, low dropout linear regulator.
The Bayland D9009 wireless charging fully integrated power chip.
The new generation digital demodulation wireless fast charging chip D9605 developed by Bayland is a 48M high-frequency wireless charging dedicated MCU, supporting Qi standard 5V/12V mode, implementing WPC1.2.3 protocol, and compatible with Samsung 10W fast. Charge, Apple (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X) 7.5W fixed frequency fast charge mode. The D9605 is now shipping with the D9009 power-driven 10W fast charging solution. Due to the significant reduction of external components, the official claims that the efficiency is significantly better than the common wireless charging solutions in the market.
Coil close-up.
Dismantle the family.
3, the charging head network disassembly summary
Momiss MOMAX Q.Pad DUAL 5 dual wireless fast charge charger, using two independent wireless charging, equipped with three-mode dual fast charge, support Apple, Samsung mobile phone full speed wireless fast charge, powerful performance. Adopting a highly integrated solution, the driver chip with a reasonable layout and large heat is placed in the middle of the board for heat dissipation, and the ultra-thin design is also easy to use and carry. Support foreign object detection, the product has a variety of certifications, quality is guaranteed.
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