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Dismantling report: small magic clip intelligent automatic wireless fast charging mobile phone bracket

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2019/08/30 16:05:44
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We recently received a vibrating explosion product: the small magic clip intelligent automatic wireless fast charging mobile phone holder. It supports fully automatic infrared sensing, 10W wireless fast charging, built-in super capacitor, power off.

Different from similar products, it is also equipped with intelligent voice control, which can open the clip, turn on charging, music, navigation and other functions through voice commands. More features can be achieved with the included mobile app, which is one of the most powerful wireless car products on the market.
In order to understand how its internal materials work, the next thing to bring to everyone is its unpacking and dismantling.
1, the small magic clip intelligent automatic wireless fast charge mobile phone holder (M3S) out of the box
The product is packaged in a hot stamping gift box, and the package is in a simple style, and the whole body is black.
The side is the product brand: Magic Holder Magic Holder.
The thickness of the box is similar to the width of a business card.
There is no information on the other side.
A product label is attached to the back of the box.
Features: wireless fast charge, operation intelligent control, infrared induction, fully automatic telescopic, surround atmosphere lights, mobile APP, emergency help, vehicle search, parking lock linkage, LOGO breathing light.
Product parameters: power interface: Micro USB; power input: QC3.0, 5V2.4A, 9V2A; output power: 10W; support WPC Qi standard wireless charging protocol; Bluetooth version of this product: 5.0; support mobile phone Bluetooth version: 4.2 and Above; support mobile phone system: Android 5.0+/iOS 8.0+.
The package adopts a magnetic flip-page design, and when it is opened, it can be seen that the accessories are placed in the inside of the sponge.
Package contents: small magic clip, Micro USB data cable, air outlet clip, fixed screw, fast charge car charger, manual.
The car charger is equipped with a QC3.0 output interface.
The data line interface type is Micro USB.
Outlet clip close-up.
Fix the screw close-up.
Small magic clip side view close-up.
Close-up of the back of the little magic clip.
Side view close-up.
Frontal close-up. The central location is a wireless charging area that automatically matches 5W / 7.5W / 10W wireless charging for different mobile devices.
The clip arm automatically shrinks and is compatible with 4-6.5-inch screen phones, Apple Android Universal.
There is a button at the bottom.
Rear speaker close-up.
There is a touch switch at the top left position.
There is also a touch switch in the lower left position.
There are three buttons at the top: parking lock, SOS emergency call, parking space unlock. In case of distress, press the SOS help button, the system will automatically send the help information and instantly locate the pre-set emergency contact, which is a personalized security function design. The small magic clip can be paired with the Golden Code smart parking lock. When connected, the parking lock will be automatically unlocked or locked when the vehicle approaches or leaves.
There is a bottom underneath.
The base is adjustable and can be stretched freely to fit models of different lengths.
There is an infrared sensor underneath.
Infrared sensing area close-up.
The Micro USB input connector is located to the right of the bottom.
The left side of the button is a QR code that records the MAC address and serial number.
The power cord interface type is Micro USB, and the ports are made of alloy.
The wire type is noodle wire, which is not easy to entangle and knot.
The line body is black.
After the power is turned on, the logo of the small magic panel is illuminated by blue light.
Put it into your iPhone XS Max phone and you're ready to charge wireless right away.
Touch the side of the finger to touch the button, and the arms on both sides can be released. Of course, you can wake up the clip arm automatically by using the “small clip, open clip” voice command without touching.
Once the clip arm is open, it can be placed in the phone.
When charging the phone, the status indicator band on the lower side of the small clip will light up.
The status indicator lights up a long blue glow.
The effect of the small magic clip on the phone when charging.
Remove the phone and the status indicator light goes out.
The small magic clip comes with a mobile app that interacts with voice commands to achieve intelligent voice control and free hands. The achievable voice commands include: hibernate, open the clip, turn the charger off, turn the infrared on, turn on the navigation, turn on the music, enjoy the cloud, open and close the parking lock.
2, the small magic clip intelligent automatic wireless fast charge mobile phone bracket (M3S) dismantling
There are tamper labels on the screws.
Unscrew the screw and disassemble the outer casing. There are a lot of parts inside, and the cable is connected.
In the wireless charging part, the circular circuit board in the lower left corner is the wireless charger circuit board, and the middle of the middle is the wireless charging coil.
Wireless charging coil close-up.
LED homogenizer, corresponding to the light transmission logo on the outer casing.
The wireless charging circuit board is small, similar to a one-dollar coin. There are four resonant capacitors and a wireless charging drive tube distributed above.
On the back is the wireless charging master, which is responsible for detecting the phone and outputting wireless charging control.
The new generation digital demodulation 15W wireless fast charging chip D9605 developed by Bayland is a 48M high-frequency wireless charging dedicated MCU. It supports Qi standard 5V/12V mode, implements WPC1.2.3 protocol, and is compatible with Samsung 10W. Fast charge, Apple (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X) 7.5W fixed frequency fast charge mode. The D9605 with the current shipment is upgraded to the D9015 with the PowerStage.
According to the disassembly of the charging head network, the products using the Bayland solution include: Momiss MOMAX Q.Pad DUAL energy 5 dual wireless fast charge charger, MOMAX Momis Q.Mount 2 magnetic wireless charging car bracket , Momiss MOMAX Q.Pad DUAL vitality 5 dual wireless fast charge charger.
30D20,dual MOS。
A total of two dual MOS components constitute a wireless charging power stage.
ON NCP81155 Half-bridge MOS transistor driver.
Two drivers drive two MOS transistors separately.
An operational amplifier that senses current.
Control the driver-enabled triode.
The board is divided into upper and lower parts, and the middle is the mobile phone holder.
Microphone and infrared distance sensor components. Below the infrared distance sensor is a micro motor that is used to drive the stand.
Onboard memory battery.
A single chip microcomputer that controls various functions.
There is a cable holder and socket on the small board.
Gear motor and slide close-up.
Close-up of the arms on both sides.
Plastic parts.
Close-up of the bottom and the part of the motor connected to it.
The springs on both sides of the geared motor act as a slider phone.
Geared motor, the reduction gear above is very delicate.
Three buttons.
PCBA board overview.
HFK HF9916 microcontroller.
Input diode and three-terminal regulator chip.
Infrared transmitting tube and receiving head.
Electret microphone.
Micro input socket.
The close-up of the button of the extension bar.
Touch the button.
On the back of the board, there are three chips.
RZ7889 3A DC motor drive.
AO4407 PMOS。
25Q40 memory, used to store the microcontroller configuration.
Three buttons at the top.
Use vertical small plate welding.
The front of the speaker.
The reverse side of the speaker.
There is a Bluetooth stamp small board on the keypad to implement Bluetooth.
Shenzhen Shengrun TTC2640R2 Low-Power Bluetooth Module HY-40R201P supports Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5.0.
Two crystals, 32768 and 24M crystal, provide different clocks, and the right side is the PCB immersion antenna.
Fusion micro RH6016 touch IC.
Winbond 25X40 storage.
I-shaped inductance.
The farad capacitor of 5.5V4.0F saves data after power off.
Dismantle the family.
3, the charging head network disassembly summary
The small magic clip mobile phone holder uses a touch button to facilitate the insertion and removal of the mobile phone. It is equipped with a car charger for the bracket and is convenient to use. Support for mobile APP and Bluetooth connection, greatly expands the use of wireless charging brackets, and its rich features greatly increase competitiveness. The wireless charging part uses the Bayland high-performance solution to provide a reliable guarantee for wireless charging performance. Whether it is from the function or the internal materials, this product is quite worth recommending.



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