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Vibrating sound explosion: Magic clip car bracket wireless charger deep disassembly

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2019/08/30 16:05:44
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There have been a lot of explosive car wireless chargers on the vibrato. We have disassembled a small magic clip intelligent automatic wireless fast charging mobile phone bracket some time ago. Recently we have received a vibrating explosion product: Smart Sensor Car Wireless Charger magic clip car Invent to understand the materials used, the next thing to bring to everyone is the product disassembly.
1, Smart Sensor Car Wireless Charger out of the box
The package is in white packaging with a physical rendering of the product on the front.
The product name is printed on the top of the front and the model number is on the top right.
The side is marked with a line of English and is suitable for all Qi devices.
Product selling points are printed on the left side.
The back is the product specification:
Input: 5V2A, 9V1.67A;
Output: 10W / 7.5W / 5W adaptive;
Material: ABS+PC;
The best charging distance: 0-8mm;
Charging efficiency: 80%;
Input: Type-C;
Executive standard: Qi;
Compatible models: Qi-compatible mobile phones;
Working temperature: -20 ° C -60 ° C;
Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC.
The package is designed with a heaven and earth cover and a transparent inner box inside.
Package contents: car wireless charger, fixed clip, data cable, manual.
The front panel is made of glass panel.
The inner side of the clamp arm has a non-slip silicone to ensure a secure grip on the phone.
There is also a layer of silicone pad on the inside of the bottom, which does not hurt the phone.
There is a touch-sensitive button at the top rear position that can be released by tapping.
The product uses a USB-C interface.
Rotate the screw to the back of the position.
The wireless charging car bracket automatically opens the clamp arm under the action of the motor, which is convenient to put into the mobile phone. Adapt to mainstream size phones, Android Apple Universal. Stable grip, no fear of bumps.
The infrared sensor is located at the top of the front panel.
The product was tested using the wireless charging aging test fixture, and the "PPP", that is, the 5W, 7.5W, and 10W modes were all passed. The product supports ordinary 5W, Apple 7.5W, and Samsung 10W.
Put on your phone and you can enter wireless charging.
Put on the Samsung S10+ mobile phone, the screen displays "Wireless acceleration charging", the measured support Samsung wireless fast charge.
Second, Smart Sensor Car Wireless Charger dismantling
Remove the back bracket knob.
Pry open the glass panel that adheres to the surface.
Remove the black plastic frame.
Pick up the wireless charging coil and expose the white plastic middle frame on the back.
Remove the back shell to expose internal components such as the PCBA board and electric motor.
Using the principle of gear structure, the motor drives the disc gear.
The disc gear rotates around the central axis, and drives the lower two gears which are integrally connected with the clamp arm, thereby driving the clamp arm to contract and expand.
Remove the PCBA.
An overview of the main circuit components.
An overview of the main circuit components, equipped with a large area wireless charging induction coil.
USB-C female close-up.
Electric motor close-up.
Electric motor close-up.
CBB capacitor.
The Bayland 10W digital demodulation wireless fast-charge transmitter uses a combination of the main control chip D9100 and the full-bridge chip D9015. The transmitter has QC2.0/QC3.0 recognition function, is compatible with WPC-Qi V1.2.4 standard, supports two-way communication from transmission to reception, and supports iPhone 7.5W charging. Operating frequency 110KHz-205KHz.
The D9100 is a 10W chip that supports 10W/7.5W; the PowerStage full-bridge chip is upgraded to the D9015, which has the ultimate cost and BOM size. Features include: 1, the ultimate BOM cost; 2, the output power is up to 10W; 3, up to 84% system efficiency; 4, as low as 50mW standby power; 5, system withstand voltage 19V.
The Belland analog chip D9015 is a 15W PowerStage chip that can be used with the D9100 synchronous digital demodulation chip to implement the D9100+D9015 chip solution combination.
Detailed specifications.
For detailed datasheet information, please reply to the keyword: D9100 in the background of WeChat public account.
Nuvoton new Tang N76E003AT20 microcontroller.
STI3470 synchronous rectification step-down, providing power for the main control.
Rich FM116B, DC motor driver IC.
USB-C female close-up.
Infrared distance sensor for detecting whether the phone is placed.
Dismantle the family.
Third, the charging head network disassembly summary
Magic clip car holder wireless charger, elegant shape, good value. Supports automatic induction and contraction of the arms, equipped with a large area wireless charging induction coil. Easy to access with one hand, easy to use.
The wireless charging solution of the Bayland D9100 main control + D9015 power full bridge has the advantages of high integration and low BOM cost, which creates the balance between performance and cost, and provides performance guarantee for the 10W wireless fast charging.
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