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Special car special before the installation: Volvo car wireless charger deep disassembly

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2019/08/30 16:05:44
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In order to let the car that does not support wireless charging also enjoy the fun of wireless charging of mobile phones, in addition to the external car wireless charging stand, there is actually a more beautiful and more high-end solution: special car wireless charger.
For Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. launched a special car-mounted wireless charger for Volvo Volvo. The original car data is open, embedded and designed for easy installation. Actually, it is post-installed, but it is visually similar to the effect of factory pre-installation. The maximum power is 10W and it supports 10W/7.5W/5W mode. In order to understand how the product is used, the next thing to bring to everyone is the unpacking and unpacking of the product.
1, Volvo car wireless charger out of the box
        It is packaged in black carton and printed on the surface, which is visually high-end. The front is the product name: car wireless charger. The lower right corner is the product feature: 10W wireless fast charge.
 The middle position outlines the streamlined shape of the vehicle.
 The side is the product selling point: original car upgrade, air cooling, smart chip, Qi compatible, fast speed charging.
 The other side is labeled.
Adapted models: Volvo XC90/V90/S90 XC60/V60/S60
Product patent: 201103105299.0
 The bottom is marked: dedicated to the car.
 The back side is the product specification parameters.
 Open the lid and place the product neatly on the black inner box.
 Package contents: car wireless charger, manual.
 The appearance and size are based on the original car data, and the car is dedicated. Beautiful and clean, improve the grade.
 In the middle is the wireless charging area, surrounded by a non-slip silicone ring.
 The product comes with an integrated car charger, no need to plug in the cable, put it down to complete the installation, that is, put and charge.
 Product Name: Car Wireless Charger
Specification model: HFC-1010
Fit model: Volvo NEW 60/90 full car
Input voltage: 12V
Output voltage: 5V3A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A
Output power: 10W/7.5W/5W (wireless charging)
Output power: 15-18W (USB port)
Manufacturer: Hewei Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
 Air cooling and temperature control ensure wireless charging performance and product safety.
In addition, equipped with two USB-A fast charge output interfaces, the specifications are: 5V3A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A.
 It is equipped with 3 LED indicators to indicate the working status.
 Protocol authentication using ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT001, support: Apple2.4A, USB DCP 5V1.5A, QC2.0, QC3.0 charging protocol.
 The protocol identification result of another USB interface is completely the same.
 The product supports Apple 7.5W wireless fast charging, and the iPhone can be put into wireless charging.
 In addition, testing the Samsung S10+ mobile phone, the screen displays "Wireless acceleration charging", indicating that Samsung Wireless Fast Charge is also supported.
Second, Volvo car wireless charger dismantling
 Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws and open the case.
 The inside is a wireless charging module and a car charger USB output module.
 There is a protective cover on the back of the cigarette lighter plug.
 The two-way car charger modules are independently connected to the cigarette lighter plugs.
 The car charger board is connected by connectors, which is easy to produce and change different solutions.
 The wireless charging panel has a cooling fan that can blow out the fast wireless charging heat and reduce the temperature rise.
 The wireless charging module is also connected by a connector, which is convenient for assembly and production.
 The fan is fixed by screws and the screws are reinforced with glue to avoid loosening.
 The cigarette lighter plug is divided into 3 plugs.
 Cigarette lighter plug small board.
 The inner wire of the positive electrode reduces the internal resistance, and the positive electrode has a fuse.
 The three terminals are directly connected in parallel.
 Indicator board and light strip.
 There are three indicator lights and push button switches on the light board, but the housing has no openings.
 Below is the car charger small board, very small.
 There are only pads for via components on the back side.
 The USB-A port is made of black rubber core.
16V100μF electrolytic capacitor.
 Shenzhen Hengcheng micro HC1002 car charger step-down chip, output current support programming, built-in synchronous rectifier switch tube.
 Shenzhen Hengcheng Micro HC6602Q identification IC supports QC3.0.
 Remove the cover on the wireless charging circuit board to expose the circuit board and support Apple's fixed-frequency voltage regulation charging.
 Shenzhen Zhongwei cooling fan, 5V power supply, centrifugal fan.
 The board is at a glance, with a buzzer in the upper right corner, a wireless charging power tube on the lower left, and an input protection circuit on the right.
 On the back is a wireless charging coil.
 And the size of a dollar coin.
The new generation digital demodulation 15W wireless fast charging chip D9605 developed by Bayland is a 48M high-frequency wireless charging dedicated MCU. It supports Qi standard 5V/12V mode, implements WPC1.2.3 protocol, and is compatible with Samsung 10W. Fast charge, Apple (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X) 7.5W fixed frequency fast charge mode. The D9605 with the current shipment is upgraded to the D9015 with the PowerStage.
D9605 details.
For detailed datasheet information, please reply to the keyword: D9605 in the background of WeChat public account.
 Two ON Semiconductor NCP81155 half-bridge drivers are used to drive wireless charging power tubes.
 Weizhao VS3622DE dual NMOS for wireless charging coil drive.
 Inductance for constant frequency regulation.
 The English core IP6505 step-down IC is used to achieve constant frequency voltage regulation.
DTM6601 PMOS for input protection.
FHD50N06 NMOS transistor for input protection.
 Input protection TVS.
 The buck inductor is on the right side of the switch buck chip for powering the chip on the wireless charging circuit board.
 The sunto synchronous rectification step-down chip that supplies power to the wireless charging master.
 3.3V voltage regulator for powering the wireless charging master.
 A single op amp for drive stage current sense amplification.
 Dismantle the family.
Third, the charging head network disassembly summary
The internal design of the Volvo car-specific car wireless charger is reasonable, and the fixed-frequency voltage regulation architecture can support the wireless fast charging of most mobile phones. Built-in two independent QC3.0 car chargers, greatly facilitate the car charger to occupy the cigarette lighter interface, does not affect the power supply of other mobile phones or driving recorders. Built-in cooling fan can effectively reduce the temperature rise during wireless charging. The Baylandian digital demodulation wireless charging solution is used to guarantee the performance of the product.
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